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"Please, do keep digging your own grave. I look forward to your splendidly inevitable demise."
―Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[1]

Benevolent the First was a Dread Emperor of Praes. He was the only hero to rule as Dread Emperor over Praes[2]. He references the Tyranny of the Sun in one of his speeches, meaning he ruled sometime after the Sixty Years War which concluded around 710 AD.[3] All mentions of his rule were purged by Demons of Absence, except for works inside a few private libraries, due to his unprecedented successes while at war with half the realm of Praes[2].


“Peace is little more than the recognition that the reasons for which war was undertaken are no longer relevant.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[4]

“Own what you are, no matter how ugly the face of it. No lies are ever more dangerous to a villain than those they tell themselves.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent[5]

“Morality is a force, not a law. Deviating from it has costs and benefits both – a ruler should weigh those when making a decision, and ignore the delusion of any position being inherently superior.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent[6]

“By hook and crook we will all hang, High Lords, from a noose woven of our many loose ends. But cheer up: none are beyond salvation, not even the likes of us. Let us see, at long last, if we can turn back the tyranny of the sun.”
– Extract from the coronation speech of Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[3]

“There’s no surer sign you’re being played than being certain you’ve grasped your opponent’s intent.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent[7]

“Please, do keep digging your own grave. I look forward to your splendidly inevitable demise.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[1]

“There is only one lesson to be learned from shatranj: no matter who wins the game, the pieces return to the same box.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[8]