"Please, do keep digging your own grave. I look forward to your splendidly inevitable demise."
―Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[1]

Benevolent the First was (or perhaps will be) a Dread Emperor of Praes. It’s speculated he is in fact the Black Knight Amadeus and the epigraphs are from the future. Not much is known about his rule. He references the Tyranny of the Sun in one of his speeches, meaning he ruled sometime after the Sixty Years War which concluded around 710 AD.[2]

Epigraphs[edit | edit source]

“Peace is little more than the recognition that the reasons for which war was undertaken are no longer relevant.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[3]

“Own what you are, no matter how ugly the face of it. No lies are ever more dangerous to a villain than those they tell themselves.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent[4]

“Morality is a force, not a law. Deviating from it has costs and benefits both – a ruler should weigh those when making a decision, and ignore the delusion of any position being inherently superior.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent[5]

“By hook and crook we will all hang, High Lords, from a noose woven of our many loose ends. But cheer up: none are beyond salvation, not even the likes of us. Let us see, at long last, if we can turn back the tyranny of the sun.”
– Extract from the coronation speech of Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[2]

“There’s no surer sign you’re being played than being certain you’ve grasped your opponent’s intent.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent[6]

“Please, do keep digging your own grave. I look forward to your splendidly inevitable demise.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[1]

“There is only one lesson to be learned from shatranj: no matter who wins the game, the pieces return to the same box.”
– Dread Emperor Benevolent the First[7]

References[edit | edit source]

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