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"I was once told that character is what you are in the dark. I found, my dear Chancellor, that I was the dark."
―Dread Emperor Sorcerous[1]

Sorcerous was a former Dread Emperor of Praes, widely regarded as a brilliant mage and one of the more impressive Tyrants of the Tower.[2] As his name implies he was a Warlock-Emperor, focused primarily on sorcery. His reign was recognised as a golden age of Praesi scholarship and it took place sometime between 870-960 AD (after declaration).[3] The details of his demise are unknown.


Little is known about his background besides the fact that he rose to prominence as the Warlock, not by ancient blood. Regardless, it's likely he was related to one of Praesi noble bloodlines given his magical ability.

The exact date of his reign is unknown. It’s established he ruled after Triumphant’s fall and this is supported by the fact many of his additions to the Tower remain till today. This wouldn’t be the case if he predated Triumphant since the Tower was destroyed during the Crusades. It’s likely that he was in power sometime between the rule of Terriblis II and the Sixty Years War, in the time period of 870-960 AD. [4]

Black mentions his predecessor broke three armies in three years on the walls of Summerholm, though the Tyrant is not established by name.[5]


Overall, Sorcerous is considered one of the best rulers of Praes, mentioned in the same breath as Maleficent I, Maleficent II, Terribilis II and Maledicta. Tyrants who by all accounts defined the course of the Empire, and whose impact can still be felt currently. 

During his reign, “learning had flourished in Praes like never before”.[6] This seemed to be a deliberate strategy on his part. He opened his court to almost any scholar, mage or villain of repute and gave them significant authority, both from within and outside of the Empire. For example, Orc shamans had a place at his court and were treated with respect. [7] [8]

Perhaps his greatest achievement was instituting an Empire-wide adoption of Trismegistan theory of sorcery which replaced the Petronian sorcery used by the Miezans.[9]


Many of Sorcerous’ enchantments and projects survive till this day, Whether due to his brilliance as a mage or because they were meticulously preserved after his fall. As an Emperor he spent a considerable amount of resources on his pet projects. Among them are:

  • A shatranj board, with souls bound to the pieces. Used by Malicia.[10]
  • The Windless Salon, a high floor of the Tower made into a single room, enchanted such that the stones of the walls and the ceiling were transparent. This made it seem like the floor was outdoors. [11]
  • He created a sentient tiger army which defected as soon as it left the Tower. This is why the Wasteland tigers are so intelligent nowadays.[12]
  • He exsanguinated a Matron and filled her in with human blood. The results are unknown.[13]
  • An enchanted wall that allows for watching the Imperial Court.[14]


“Three can keep a secret, if two are dead. Unless you’re a necromancer, anyway, then the world is your blasphemous undead oyster.”
– Dread Emperor Sorcerous [15]

“Fear is the prerequisite to any genuine learning; anything that can be learnt without questioning the foundations of your world is essentially decorative.”
– Dread Emperor Sorcerous [16]

“I was once told that character is what you are in the dark. I found, my dear Chancellor, that I was the dark.”
– Dread Emperor Sorcerous [17]

“There is more power in blood spilled willingly than unwillingly. The latter is simply a great deal easier to obtain.”
– Dread Emperor Sorcerous [18]

“The classic Callowan blunder. Sending an army into the Wasteland you can’t handle if it comes marching back as undead.”
– Dread Emperor Sorcerous [19]

“The essence of sorcery is blasphemy. Through will and power, every mage usurps dominion over the laws of Creation from the gods Above and Below.”
– Extract from “The Most Noble Art of Magic”, by Dread Emperor Sorcerous [20]

“To be a mage is to seek to master yourself so that through this you might master the world around you.”
– Extract from “The Most Noble Art of Magic”, by Dread Emperor Sorcerous [21]

“Blood freely spilled always offers greater power, for it carries the worth of both the blood and the choice.”
– Extract from “The Most Noble Art of Magic”, by Dread Emperor Sorcerous [22]

“In conclusion, the court recognizes the desertion of the sentient tiger army raised by Dread Emperor Sorcerous as sufficient precedent to rule that tapirs can, in fact, commit treason but that lack of sentience bars them from laying claim to the Tower by right of usurpation.”
– Official transcript from the Trial of Unexpected Teeth, which resulted in the execution of the man-eating tapirs that devoured Dread Empress Atrocious [23]


  • He penned a treatise on fine elemental manipulation that’s still read by legionnaire mages today.[24]
  • It’s speculated the flying monsters used to access the higher levels of the Tower were created by Sorcerous, based on walin-falme devils.[25]
  • The crescent moon is called Sorcerous’ Grin by the Soninke.[26]
  • Some people believe a part of his soul is attached to the moon and he’s scheming to escape.[27][28]
  • Based on what Ranger heard, he was a “real prick”.[29]


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