“[Traitorous] managed to betray a villain called 
‘the Betrayer’, Squire,” Ratface grinned. 
“You have to hand it to him: he might have 
had only one trick but he was great at it.” 
-Book 2 Chapter 1; Supply


Dread Emperor Traitorous was a former Dread Emperor who took power after Dread Emperor Vile started the War of Thirteen Tyrants and One. He is remebered fondly in Praes for being hilariously ineffective, and managing to betray many people. He ruled during the Alban reign of Callow, and before Dread Empress Triumphant. He is one of the two Praesi villains to ever kill an angel. He has featured frequently as a source for epigraphs .

Notable ExploitsEdit

Traitorous is well known for his many betrayals and plots. Some of the known ones are:

Orchestrating multiple plots to overthrow himself

Betraying a villain called "The Betrayer"

Having a play created named "The Many Deaths of Traitorous"

Inspiring the creation of a Heroic Axiom named "Traitorous's Law"

Killing himself and framing over a hundred other people for his death

Tricking an Angel into dying

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