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"Those who live by the sword kill those who don’t."
―Dread Emperor Vile the First[1]

Vile the First was a former Dread Emperor of Praes. He reigned sometime before 490 AD and was the Emperor who triggered the War of Thirteen Tyrants and One.


He succeeded Dread Emperor Foul III when the latter returned from a failed expedition against the Kingdom of Daoine. As a response, he put coin to unmaking the Deoraithe bowmen. For four centuries after his reign, anyone bringing back the severed index and middle fingers of a Deoraithe was rewarded in gold.[2]

He tried to solve Praesi overpopulation by releasing a magical plague that would kill two in ten. This triggered a civil war known as the War of Thirteen Tyrants and One.[3][4]


“Those who live by the sword kill those who don’t.”
– Dread Emperor Vile the First[1]

“Despise not the treacherous but instead the weak, for while both serve the same purpose where treachery requires skill and daring weakness requires only mediocrity.”
– Dread Emperor Vile the First[5]

“Don’t be absurd, Black Knight. It would have been called treason if I’d lost – this is merely succession.”
– Dread Emperor Vile the First [6]

“It is said that when his Chancellor told him the scheme to release a culling plague would cause rebellion, Dread Emperor Vile thoughtfully replied that should this be the case he could always release a second one.”
– Introduction to ‘Thirteen and One’ by Hakim of Kahtan, the Haunted Scholar [4]