"Those who live by the sword kill those who don’t."
―Dread Emperor Vile the First[1]

Vile the First was a former Dread Emperor of Praes. He reigned sometime before 490 AD and was the Emperor who triggered the War of Thirteen Tyrants and One.

Reign[edit | edit source]

He succeeded Dread Emperor Foul III when the latter returned from a failed expedition against the Kingdom of Daoine. As a response, he put coin to unmaking the Deoraithe bowmen. For four centuries after his reign, anyone bringing back the severed index and middle fingers of a Deoraithe was rewarded in gold.[2]

He tried to solve Praesi overpopulation by releasing a magical plague that would kill two in ten. This triggered a civil war known as the War of Thirteen Tyrants and One.[3][4]

Epigraphs[edit | edit source]

“Those who live by the sword kill those who don’t.”
– Dread Emperor Vile the First[1]

“Despise not the treacherous but instead the weak, for while both serve the same purpose where treachery requires skill and daring weakness requires only mediocrity.”
– Dread Emperor Vile the First[5]

“Don’t be absurd, Black Knight. It would have been called treason if I’d lost – this is merely succession.”
– Dread Emperor Vile the First [6]

“It is said that when his Chancellor told him the scheme to release a culling plague would cause rebellion, Dread Emperor Vile thoughtfully replied that should this be the case he could always release a second one.”
– Introduction to ‘Thirteen and One’ by Hakim of Kahtan, the Haunted Scholar [4]

References[edit | edit source]

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