Taghreb warlord, was the governor of Kahtan under the foreign Miezan occupation. Founded the Dread Empire of Praes.

Outlawed slavery, and brought the orc Clans into the empire with the help of bribery.

Forced the goblin Tribes into the Empire with violence.

Gave the ogre slaves brought to Calernia by the Miezans, land and loose freedom, in exhange for joining the Empire.

The god Sabah slaid after meeting the orc shaman, called Maleficent ''Amina'', and said the Amina was a friend to their people. The god did not blame Maleficent for breaking the promises of the declaration.

Was assassinated by a Sahelian by approximately within a decade from the start of her rule.


Maleficent  had known, he believed, all the peoples of the Empire should be remembered the clang of shackles every time they spoke of their nation. That way they would never forget the War of Chains, forget that there had been a time all had been humbled. Once we could not look beyond our own knives and petty disputes, so Creation buried us. Remember.

A hopeful woman, Dread Empress Maleficent. She’d been hopeful all the way until the High Lord of Wolof had stabbed her in the back and stolen her throne


quotes and stuff:

“Maybe I’ll lose one day. But not today, and not to the likes of you.” – Dread Empress Maleficent the First

“Nothing is half as dangerous to a villain as victory. We raise our own gallows.” -Dread Empress Maleficent the First

“Fate is not a bridle; it is an arrow in flight. No hand but your own can loose it, yet once loosed there can be no desisting from the path.” – Dread Empress Maleficent the First


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