Dread Empress Triumphant (may she never return), First and Only of her name, lived about 700 years before the events of the Guide. She was the only ruler in the history of Praes to unite Calernia under the Empire.

Powers Edit

Dread Empress Triumphant (may she never return) was known for her control over demons and devils. She bound demons into the standards of her Legions to use them as weapons, which caused them to be rechristened the Legions of Terror.

It was mentioned that she was a powerful sorcerer as she created a massive lake half the size of Callow as collateral damage during a battle against Gigantes spellsingers.

She has been called the 'greatest monster to ever come out of the Wasteland' by Catherine implying that Triumphant (may she never return) was extremely powerful.

Downfall Edit

After ten years of war, the Dread Empress conquered Calernia, with the exception of the Kingdom of the Dead with which she was allied and the Golden Bloom which fled into Arcadia. Her armies however, were at the brink of exhaustion and all the resources of Praes were used up. Rebellions over all of Calernia began and formed into the First Crusade, which was backed by the Kingdom Under, the Yan Tei Empire and a second foreign empire, possibly the Baalite Hegemony. Over the span of five years all conquered lands were lost and the Crusade conquered Praes. They destroyed the Tower in Ater and partitioned Praes into various crusader kingdoms. Only Wolof retained its independence as a Praesi state.

Death Edit

The Dread Empress was killed in the war, unleashing every last demon she had bound in Praes and bringing down the Tower atop herself. Her last words, when asked why did she cause so much death and destruction on Calernia, was allegedly 'Why not?'. This is referenced in a play that was banned by the Tower.[1]

Legacy Edit

As the sole conqueror of the entire continent, Triumphant (may she never return) cast a great shadow that affected nearly every power on Calernia to some extent.

The Principate of Procer was founded in the immediate aftermath of her fall, born from an alliance between the Arlesite and Alamans tribes. Old demons that she once used, colloquially known as Hell Eggs, could still be found in Proceran lands. To resist her, an angel from the Choir of Judgement was summoned to fight her, but the Dread Empress easy slayed it and threw its corpse into Lake Artoise, where it remained until Cordelia Hasenbach dredged it up as a last resort weapon seven hundred years later.

The Kingdom of Callow's ruling Alban dynasty was wiped out to the last by the Dread Empress, resulting in Eleanor Fairfax ascending as the first queen of the Fairfax dynasty. As a result of Triumphant (may she never return) massacring half of Daoine's population, the Kingdom of Daoine joined the Kingdom of Callow out of fears of Praesi resurgence, becoming the Duchy of Daoine.

Nine tenths of the railings in the Chain of Hunger was wiped out by Triumphant (may she never return) but they never surrendered. It was theorised that that was due to only the very young and the very old of railings being capable of intelligent thought.

The Kingdom of the Dead was an ally of Triumphant (may she never return). The Dead King fondly remembers her, stating that she had clarity. She once stayed in Keter as a guest, in the Silent Palace, which never held any other guest since her until Catherine Foundling seven hundred years later.

The Kingdom Under was also forced to pay tribute to Triumphant (may she never return) after she flooded several of their tunnels with demons. Though Catherine was of the opinion that they threw gold at her to make her leave them alone, believing that if the Kingdom Under had tried, it could have put Dread Empress Triumphant (may she never return) down. Regardless, they funded and armed the continent when it rebelled in the First Crusade, implicitly paying the other humans to kill her for them.

The Titanomachy was greatly broken by Triumphant (may she never return). When the Dread Empress moved to conquer them, their spellsingers took the field against her, in a battle that lasted but an hour, yet created the massive Titan's Pond lake from what had once been plains half the size of Callow as collateral damage. A fifth of the Gigantes were slain in that hour, their life-force used up in the battle. The rest were left on the verge of death and centuries of accumulated power was depleted. Most of their spellsingers were mentioned to have been massacred by her in the process.

Even then, the Dead Empress did not stop, continuing to massacre and terrorise the giants. As Akua mentions: 'What the greatest of the Tyrants had wrought was not easily undone. If it were the Sky Breaker and his wife would not still be bound at the summit of Cloudreach Peak, one cursed with endless hunger and the other with endless healing. It was said that the howls of anguish coming from them both still troubled the sleep of all who dwelled in the Titanomanchy, a reminder to the giants that defying Praes was never without cost.'

Once this was all done, Triumphant (may she never return) wept, because the world was huge and she hadn't conquered enough. This is quoted as a moral 700 years later.[2]

After her conquest and fall, the giants were so weakened that they were fought to a very costly draw in the Humbling of the Titans, which Procer then spun into a political victory. The weakening of the Gigantes was such that Procer could expand its conquests into Levant unimpeded a decade later. Even by the time of the Uncivil Wars seven hundred years later, the Titanomanchy was still broken, with a large number of the giants were but a decade away from death unless they continued to accumulate power and with most of their spellsingers being young.

The Dread Empire of Praes was also greatly affected by Triumphant (may she never return). She was the one that first pioneered the use of Lesser Breaches, the opening of a temporary portal to one of the hells, with a mass binding woven into it. Any devil crossing into Creation would be subject to said binding, allowing for a degree of control, though a much looser one than if the binding had specifically designed for the specific devil. This revolutionised the summoning of devils, allowing for entire armies of devils to be summoned at once instead of slowly summoning them one-by-one. In the aftermath of her fall, an entire generation of the Dread Empire's youth had been spent, requiring four decades before Praes could go to war once more. The Dread Empire had been broken by the First Crusade, the Tower shattered and Praes carved up into crusader kingdoms.

Even seven hundred years later, Dread Empress Triumphant (may she never return) made her mark in the culture of the Dread Empire. Being considered both the greatest of the Tyrants, a figure to emulate and respect, yet most Praesi still pray for her to never return whenever her name is mentioned. The reason for this custom is the belief that Triumphant (may she never return) may have conquered the hell to which she went to after her death (with her legions) and could possibly still return to Creation. This implies that even the Dread Empire considers her too evil and fearsome for them.

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