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He was a powerful mage whose skill was highly regarded even amongst nobles. He eventually was taken for the husband of the Heir to the Wolof and its eventual leader, Tasia. He realized that this arranged marriage was actually a way of her acquiring his high magic capacity and he was merely a trophy for the Trueblood. He would have escaped long ago but the conception of his daughter kept him tethered to Tasia's will. It is unknown why but he refused the name of Warlock preferring the post of the first mage. Perhaps it was because he never wanted the fame of the Name or perhaps to spurn Tasia's lust for power.


Indifferent and content describe Aksum he does not dwell on the power struggles like many in Praes nor does he lust for power, his only pursuit is knowledge similar to Warlock. He is fond of his daughter and shows general affection and care willing to betray his powerful wife in a bid to assist his daughter in any way possible. Asside from his daughter though Aksum is just as willing to destroy and eviscerate any soul in order to understand the secrets of the universe more thoroughly.


Tasia Sahelian: He has no love for his wife and is only allied to her due to her holding his daughter as a hostage.

Akua Sahelian: He loves his daughter fully and cherishes teaching her about magic as well as consoling her when they secretly scry with one another.

Warlock: Although both hold high positions he views Warlock as a peer and often remarks about the brilliant discoveries of his works.