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The Duni are one of the human ethnic groups of the Dread Empire of Praes. They mostly recide in the Green Strech.

Appearance []

Duni tend to have lighter skin tones than the rest of Praes due to many of their ancersestors being of Miezan, Callowan[1], and Proceran[2] origin.


The Duni are seen as a lesser group in Praes because of a their ancestry. Living mostly in the Green Strech, the Duni comprise of mostly farmers, supplying the rest of Praes with most of the food produces in the Empire. No Duni has ever held position as Dread Emperor/Empress, though there has been some who has held the title of Black Knight and Chancellor[3].

  1. Book 1 - Chapter 21: Fall Most dark and olive-skinned people who lived in the Green Stretch still considered themselves of the associated culture, but the pale-skinned people who’d trickled into the Stretch from Callow as well as those who had much more ancient Miezan roots were branded with the name of Duni.
  2. Comment by Erraticerrata in Book 1 - Chapter 21: Fall The last ethnicity is the Duni, who live almost exclusively in the Green Stretch though it should be noted they don’t make up the majority of the population there. They’re typically pale-skinned, as they have both Miezan origins and some bloodline mixing with Callowans and Procerans (most of it from the later Crusades).
  3. Book 1 - Chapter 21: Fall