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The dwarves are a subterran species. Their kingdom is one of the most powerful in Calernia and lies under two thirds of the continent.


Dwarves are humanoid and short. They share basic features with humans such as eyes, a nose, and a mouth, but their proportions are much wider, their eyes are large like and owl-like, their noses flat, their hairs thicker, and their skin rough and craggy like stone. They are typically less than five feet tall.[1]

General Information[]

Dwarven cuisine includes ribs and liquor.

Sudra: Sudra is a beverage of great cultural importance to the dwarves. It is a wine-like drink, served nearly boiling. The sudra is poured into rough oaken bowls and left to seep and mix with the taste of previous pourings. Once the sudra has seeped for several hours it is drunken. It is smoorth with a coppery aftertaste. The Herald of the Deeps doubted that more than a dozen humans have ever tasted sudra.[2]