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"We begin with the corpse of an angel...though of course there can be no such thing."
Kairos Theodosian[1]

The Ealamal is an artifact created from the corpse of an Angel of Judgement. It is filled with so much light it purifies the air around it just by existing. [2]

The artifact is triggered through the use of an ivory baton.[3] Cordelia broke the rod during the siege on Keter. [4]

When used, the artifact would kill a number of people based on the judgement of Judgement. The exact number of people is uncertain. Cordelia Hasenbach thought it would kill less than 9 in 10 people in its range.[3]

The artifact can be used in a weakened manner. By doing this Cordelia scoured the works of the Dead King from the principality of Salia. When used this way it is less discriminating, and killed hundreds if not thousands of people in the blast as well.[5]