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Known as the "Webweaver", she is the Black Knight's bookkeeper and spymaster - said to have spies everywhere.


A named that works alongside the Black Knight.

Not much is known about Scribe, but Amadeus tells us they meet in the Free Cities, and EE has informed out of the story they meet in Delos.

Personality []

She seems indifferent on the surface but this is most likely a result of her role to be seen but not noticed. Catherine initially believes her to be cold, but she is shown to have a deep admiration to Amadeus.


Amadeus: it is revealed by Malicia's mistress of spies that the Scribe deeply cares for the well being of Amadeus and will kill anyone that she believes will threaten him.

Malicia: Scribe does not particularly care for Malicia and openly admits to Catherine that she feels that the Black Knight would be more suited to the throne.

Catherine: Scribe has taken a personal interest in Catherine as well as Catherine's inner circle of friends most likely due to the Black Knights vested interest in Catherine as his replacement. This doesn't stop her from being ready to kill Catherine, should Eudokia believe her a threat to Amadeus.

Appearance []

Catherine described her as diminutive of stature and with a plain face in Book 1. Then added she was about the same size as herself. This makes Scribe shorter than both Amadeus and Catherine. In Book 4 she was described as "a small woman with ink-stained hands and the colouring of the Free Cities".[1]

She's been describes as wearing robes and having sleeves loose enough to put her hands into them.

The one noticeable thing about Scribe, and often the only thing remembered, is her ink-stained fingers.

Name History []

Powers []

Scribe has taken to the role of supporting the Black Knight. She supports him through the shadows building a spy network as well as handling bribes, directing assassinations and handling espionage. She works to anticipate unseen threats before they form and is most likely the individuals that keeps Black informed about Hero's who have become threats.

Eudokia has named two of her aspects: Fade and Inscribe. Fade makes people forget her appearance, even as they try to look at her, but she can also make them forget about her in general. As seen when Catherine can't remember that Amadeus had a companion named Scribe that was supposed to be with the Legions-in-Exile.[2] [3][4]

Inscribe was described as initially being a mere trick which allowed her words to weigh more than normal, but grew into much more, allowing her to Inscribe eyes and ears onto vermin, or to force individuals to follow certain commands. When she attempted to Inscribe a corpse with the aspect, she was initially capable of creating a mere puppet, but found that the inscription had changed slightly, and using the altered Inscriptions again made "something more." After enough iterations, and with the aid of Warlock, this entity became the Calamity Assassin.


Killed by the Barrow Sword after trying to murder Catherine Foundling. [5]



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