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"The hand in greed can only clutch sand,/Even exquisite passion, the lover’s brand/Is a vainglorious army headed for rout:/Ardour fall spent, the flame gutters out."
―Exalted Poet

The Exalted Poet is a Good Name.


The Exalted Poet touches upon some truth of the heavens through his words.


Despite the Name being linked to the heavens, the Exalted Poet is not able to wield Light, but is a spellcaster. The Exalted Poet is able to lace sorcery into his voice. By doing so, the Exalted Poet is able to charm other people, even Named, and cast spells by reciting a verse and infusing his voice with sorcery. The Exalted Poet was capable of snuffing out the flames from a Count of the Autumn crown, freeze a fae in place, and heal himself of wounds, although the wounds remain heavily scarred. [1] It is unclear if the effect is due to the Gift or an Aspect.

His voice is described as "warm and full-throated, like honey for the ear". [2] Even without the effect of sorcery, the Exalted Poet's voice sounds gorgeous.

Does not possess a high level of martial skill or physical endurance.

Known Holders[]

Unnamed man: A traitor working to undermine the Truce and Terms with the Wandering Bard. Was described as "short, stocky and painted in colours that belonged to no Blood", [3] specifically, the Exalted Poet's facepaint was black and red. In addition, he looked like he belonged in a Dominion shield wall instead of the pleasure palaces of Levante.

The Exalted Poet had once lived among the Hidden Poets, highly prestigious Levantine society of poets and singers, until he’d somehow touched upon some truth of the Heavens through his words. He then left the Old Palace and took up paying work. To the Exalted Poet, it would have been shameful to remain there as Bestowed, given the call to war by the Holy Seljun. The Exalted Poet was also thinking of composing an anthem of his own, in reference to the Anthem of Smoke: the founding epic of the Dominion of Levant.

Capable of speaking in Chatant and Ceseo.

Killed by Indrani.