Power Level[edit | edit source]

A roguish name that is dedicated to disguising the name. While not martially powerful the name similar to the Thief, is geared towards espionage/infiltration. By stealing another's face it is unknown if the name is given tools that allow them to dispatch a specific foe or if there aspects are geared towards completely camouflaging there own identity into there targets. In any case the Face Thief was eventually able to assume the role of royalty for half a year. The weakness of the name was found out by the Grey Pilgrim which could understand the soul of individuals through second sight.

Role[edit | edit source]

The Face Thief role is to assume power through espionage. By taking a targets identity they gain ownership of all that there target also controlled. Where most individuals toil and struggle for power. The Face Thief waits patiently then plunders all there hardened work with none the wiser.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

The name affords individuals the ability to assume the identity of whomsoever the holder chooses. Despite changing the outward appearance and mannerism of a target they cannot change there soul or thoughts to mimic that of there target.

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