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"Does the Book of All Things not preach that the righteous must answer kindness with kindness and wickedness with wroth?"
―Fallen Monk

The Fallen Monk is an Evil Name.


Once a former priest and a heroic Named, the Fallen Monk's story is that of faith reversed. The Fallen Monk had taken offence to the Holies calling themselves holy.


The Fallen Monk has great ability when it comes to sneaking. Indrani noted that the Fallen Monk was better at it than Vivienne Dartwick during her time as the Thief. The Fallen Monk was also capable of sneaking up on Catherine Foundling despite her setting up metaphysical Night tripwires, sliding a dagger into her jugular. His stealth is aided by the ability to turn invisible at will, although magic is capable of revealing his presence.

Aside from being stealthy, the Fallen Monk has good tracking skills, being compared to being as good as a bloodhound when something needed to be found in a town.

The Fallen Monk has some level of martial ability. The Named is not only knows how to take hits in a fight, but is also capable of fighting against both the Archer and the Blessed Artificer at the same time. His girth also provides a measure of defence against meele attacks.

The Fallen Monk has to ability to influence Light. When fighting the Blessed Artificer, the Fallen Monk was able to appropriate the Light of her artefacts for his own use when attacking Indrani.

While the Fallen Monk is able to influence Light, he is unable to manipulate the works of Below. [1] While he was able to disrupt Catherine's control over Night, he was unable to control the torrent of blackflame that poured out of her. [2]

Known Holders[]

Unnamed man: Described as an overweight and middle-aged man in thick cloth robes, the Fallen Monk was a Proceran hero from their southern lands. The Fallen Monk had also once been the Merry Monk before his fall. He had force-fed one of the Holies until her belly literally burst. [3] Killing three more Holies, the Fallen Monk escaped once the Saint of Swords appeared in the area. He slipped into the Dominion through the Brocelian Forest, and made it as far as Levante just as the war against Keter began. Around the time, there were rumours that several lodges of Lanterns disappeared after venturing into the Brocelian.

The Fallen Monk is rumoured to have a kill count of over a hundred.

The Fallen Monk indulged in alcoholic drinks, taking gulps from wineskins even as he is fighting in a pit against the Exalted Poet. The Fallen Monk can speak in Lower Miezan and has an Arlesite accent.

The Fallen Monk was a part of the Grand Alliance before he was revealed to be a traitor. Killed by Indrani.