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The Fifteenth Legion is one of the Legions of Terror.


The Fifteenth was founded by Amadeus as a starter command for Catherine Foundling. When the rebellion in Callow started, he intended her to play an important part in ending it, largely in the hope that she would be able to endear herself to the populace and put and end to the independent sentiments that had allowed it to form and caused the near-constant appearance of heroes.


The Fifteenth Legion is composed of an unusually high number of Callowan recruits. Not only were a number of Callowans recruited specifically to join the Fifteenth, many others were transferred to the Fifteenth Legion from elsewhere in the Legions of Terror. This was mentioned to be deliberately done by the Black Knight, whom also ensured that the initial recruits were all barely any older than Catherine.

Of note, there were a large group of recruits who were convicted criminals offered the choice between Legion service and execution. Many of them attempted to desert in Summerholm, and were put into the Gallowborn Company.

After the Battle of Three Hills and the Battle of Marchford, half of the legionaries had been killed by then, leaving a disproportionately high number of sappers. To make up for this, the recruits from every Callowan camp was scraped together to bolster the depleted ranks, bringing the number of legionaries up to three thousand. The one thousand Proceran fantassins led by Akua Sahelian was also conscripted into the ranks, bringing the Fifteenth up to full strength for the First Battle of Liesse, though they betrayed the Fifteenth during said battle, leading to their complete extermination.

After the Liesse Rebellion, many Callowans began joining the ranks, including former rebel soldiers and ex-Royal Guard. Especially so, after the Arcadian War broke out, as the Fifteenth had gained a reputation for taking in Callowan soldiers and killing anything that invaded Callow. It was to the extent that by the time the Arcadian War began, there were over eight thousand legionaries in the Fifteenth Legion, twice the size of a regular legion. In fact, General Juniper was forced to deliberately bring in Praesi mages to make up for the size of the legion, though the sheer size of the Fifteenth meant that there were not enough mages to be had.

Major Achievements[]

  • During the Battle of Three Hills, the Fifteenth routed the Silver Spears despite superior numbers, better positioning, and the Fifteenth's complete lack of real combat experience.
  • In the Battle of Marchford, they fought against devils and the corrupted remnants of the Spears and held their own, protecting the civilians still trapped in the city.
  • They fought against a Callowan rebel army under the command of the Lone Swordsman at Liese, and the subsequent army of Devils unleashed by Akua Sahelian.
  • Faced the Summer fae in the Battle of Five Armies and One in alliance with the Deoraithe and the 4th and 12th Legions, during the short campaign through Arcadia which saw the rout of Summer's Army, the death of the Prince of Deep Drought and the capture of the Princess of High Noon.
  • Laid siege to the Summer-held Callowan city of Dormer in the Battle of Dormer, successfully defeating the Summer Court and ending the Arcadian War.
  • Defeated Fasili Mirembe's army of wights in the Battle of Dead Dawn on the eve of the Doom of Liesse.
  • Defeated the army of devils unleashed by Akua Sahelian's greater breach, during Akua's Folly, invading the hell behind them and holding the foothold in the hell until Wekesa the Warlock redirected the greater breach from Creation into another hell.
  • Later disbanded and reorganised into the First Army of the reborn Army of Callow.


Most of the Fifteenth's officer corps were drawn from the graduating class of the War College the year Catherine joined.

In addition,the Hierophant, Masego, has travelled with the Fifteenth since they were first assembled.