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The post of First Prince is the office of the nominal leader of the Principiate of Procer. The person holding the office, is a prince or a princess elevated to the position by a simple majority vote in the Highest Assembly, the congregation of all princes of Procer. Depending on the earlier title of the elected person, the title can be styled as First Prince or First Princess. (Usually based on gender, but the Lycaonese do not have the title of Princess, so any female Lycaonese Prince elected will be First Prince).

There have been 33 First Princes in the history of the Principiate.

List of known First Princes/Princesses[]

Name Principality Order Known For Reference
Clothor Merovins Salia 1 First First Prince
  • Cordelia Hasenbach, current and thirty-third First Prince of Procer. Also, the first Lycaonese First Prince.
  • Clothor Merovins, the first First Prince and founder of the Principate of Procer.
  • Clément Merovins, fourth First Prince of Procer.
  • Louis Merovins, seventh First Prince of Procer. Dismantled the wizard guilds of Procer after they tried to oppose and depose him.
  • Louis of Brabant, eighth First Prince of Procer.
  • Clodomir Merovins, ninth First Prince of Procer.
  • Julienne Merovins, tenth First Princess of Procer.
  • Ghislaine of Creusens, twelfth First Princess of Procer.
  • Beatriz of Salamans, thirteenth First Princess of Procer. Turned her trial for high treason by the highest Assembly into election to the office of First Prince.
  • Antoine Merovins, twenty-second First Prince of Procer.
  • Armande Rohanon, thirty-first First Princess of Procer.
  • Luc Monseiller, thirty-second First Prince of Procer, whose assassination led to the Great War.
  • Frederonne Merovins, First Princess of Procer. Married the Prince of Hannoven to seal the conquest of the Lycaonese Principalities.
  • Éloïse Guillermont, First Princess of Procer. Ended Proceran occupation of Callow.
  • Anaïs of Cantal, First Princess of Procer. Taxed a belltower in Salia, which began the First Liturgical War.
  • Eugénie of Lange, First Princess of Procer.
  • Bastien of Arans, First Prince of Procer. Authored the book, On Rule.