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The Flawless Fencer is a martial-themed Name that was Recalled by the White Knight in his duel with the Black Knight.


In order to possess the Name the individual must commit fully to the use of fencing. While practising might be enough to make you a claimant, Sofia of Nicae, saw her blade as the one thing that she could put trust in as she was shunned by others due to her heavyset features.

The Name has historically been used to deal with bands of Ashurans and Praesi


The Name seems to augment the user's speed and power, allowing them to be unmatched in combat when holding their weapon of choice. It also seems to allow the user a connection with the blade, making it "sing" as it strikes its foe.

When fighting The Dead King's forces in Cleves, the White Knight used "a favourite trick of the Flawless Fencer, which he ha[d] carefully learned to reproduce without drawing on her memories" -- namely, to send a small bit of Light down his hindmost leg and use it to quickly push himself forward.[1]

Although not a spell-themed Name, and therefore unable to join in long-range combat, it has historically been used to deal with bands of Ashurans and Praesi and can therefore take on groups of enemies while using only a single blade without a shield. The specialty of the Name, however, is in dueling in single combat. This is why it was summoned by the White Knight when he called on the Heavens to have him oppose the Black Knight. It is unknown how this Name would fare against another combat-oriented Name, as the Black Knight was using a puppet.

Known Holders[]

Sofia of Nicae: Described as a heavyset girl, Sofia's only true love was the blade. [2]