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"The Forsworn Healer had his eyes closed as he mastered the pain of feeling so many deaths bloom around him."
―Interlude: Kaleidoscope VI

The Name was earned by swearing away a great fortune and position in Atalante to become a wandering healer. [1]


The name is implied to share an empathetic link with the surrounding area of any who are injured. This leads the name to bear a great deal of trauma when serious injured are present or widespread pain is distributed over a large area. The name is called to heal the injured thus in some situations this could be used to weaken or distract the name when a task is at hand.


The Name has an empathetic link to injured thus they can sense and hone in on allies in need of help. Name is also able to use holy light to heal allies although this was disabled by Hierophant who used an imitation of a demon's influence to negate the healing aspects of the Name.

A supportive Name, it heals wounded allies with holy Light. The Forsworn Healer is skilled enough to be capable of reattaching limbs [2] and posseses healing ability superior to the Grey Pilgrim when it came to groups [3]. Similar to the Grey Pilgrim in that the Name relies on miracles to heal allies it does not possess the ability to revive fallen allies.

Despite being a healer, the Name is capable of utilizing Light offensively and defensively. Light was fashioned into a hook against Akua [4] and working with priests, the Name designed shield panels of Light. [5]

When facing Catherine Foundling, the Forsworn Healer was the first of twelve heroes to fight off her Night-based trap successfully. [6]

Known Holders[]

Douka: A signatory of the Truce and the Terms who participated as a member of the Grand Alliance in the War against Keter. He died facing the Dead King. [7]