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"A few streaks of lightning shot down from atop the Twin but the Fortunate Fool ducked them by a series of very coincidental trips and falls, before waddling back to the Proceran lines and loudly claiming victory"
―Interlude: Red The Flowers

The Fortunate Fool participated in the tenth crusade, he was used as a point man for the armies.


The Fortunate Fool, similar to the Bumbling Conjurer, is reliant on luck in order to be successful. Whereas the mage themed Name uses incompetent spellwork to succeed by accident, the Fool bumbles into traps and survives through no fault of his own, or cluelessly stumbles onto important secrets.

By himself, the Fortunate Fool is only a nuisance unable to cause any major damage unless he angers a villain enough with his antics for the villain to fall into a cliche plot point. The true danger is when the fool is with a band of heroes. He will save the heroes in the most comical manner or be the one outlier that escapes the villains death ray machine freeing his allies and trapping the villain with his own device. The two weaknesses of the name are the lack of offensive power as well as having a weak story. As revealed by the bumbling conjurer when the band of heroes is attacked, the comical hero who stood out the least is used as a sacrifice for more important named.


Due to the Role's tendency to experience pratfalls, blunders and things blowing up in his face with no lasting consequences, he is extremely durable. At one point he hit five demolition-charge landmines in a row with only messed-up clothing to show for it. He may be all but invulnerable as long as what takes place is comical. He can also be counted on to run into hidden threats in the nick of time, such as by falling into a sinkhole that turns out to be an undead sapping operation.

Known Holders[]

Unnamed man: A member of the Tenth Crusade, and the Grand Alliance, he sacrificed his life to take out the Lord of Ghouls. [1] During the Tenth Crusade, he was used by Klaus to run ahead of the first ranks so that soldiers would not die. It is also insinuated that the Fortunate Fool had more herbs on him than a typical alchemist would.