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"What he said,” the Gallant Brigand agreed. “Only, you know, less priestly. Fuck you and your offer and your entire evil legions."

The Brigand has similar abilities to the Assassin and Thief roles. The roguish nature of the name allows the name to easily blend in with urban populations as well as use abilities that inform if individuals are spying on them as well as offensive aspects if the need for violence is warranted. Despite these abilities the name is most likely ore powerful when leading others rather than front line defence. The Brigand is best used in gathering intel on enemies by using the general population as beacons of information. Based on the battle between the Black Queen despite the speed of the Brigand as well as endurance despite having their arm cut off the name is very low in terms of direct combat.


The gallant nature of the brigand comes from the Robin Hood like actions. The name will attack the villainous forces raiding their supplies then return their earned goods back to the oppressed populations. The name seemed to have emerge when the Brigand attacked the forces of the Tyrant of Helike.


The Brigand has several abilities that make it suited for attacking larger forces with a small team. The aspects that have been displayed thus far is one that allows it to know if it is being watched by others as well as an aspect that allows a quick cutting motion against enemies similar to swing from the White Knight. The name is more suited stealth as when jumping from a two story building the user did it without making a sound or injuring themselves.

Known Holders[]