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The Gigantes are an extremely tall race, reaching as high as thirty feet. Their skin is course and deep brown. Their legs are long and their necks are short. In place of ears they have a ridge of cartilage. Their eyes are slightly paler than a human's. They shave their heads and some wear beards. They wear white tunics, and incorporate metals into their clothing through belts, jewelry, and the straps of their stone sandals.[1]


A race who has avoided the conflicts of the main continent only a few are allowed near there wall of the living earth. Even fewer have met giants and live to tell the tale.


They can link with the very earth and through song can marshal the forces of nature against their enemies.

The Gigantes are not naturally ageless, but by bathing in the light of moon and star in sacred places, and by songs and patience The Gigantes are capable of gathering power and vitality, keeping them alive.[2]


The Witch of the Woods