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Goblin munitions, or just munitions, is the collective term for a number of alchemy-based weapons produced by goblins and employed by the Legions of Terror, in particular by their sapper corps. Munitions are normally either thrown by hand or buried in the ground and set off remotely, but more unconventional means of delivery include, among others, siege engines and undead goats. In general, the primary aim of munitions use is to cause either mass confusion or destruction, although specific types can be used in other ways as well.

The main types of munition are:

  • Bright Sticks, which explode yielding blinding light but little force
  • Sharpers, which explode yielding concussive force and shrapnel[1]
  • Smokers, which burn developing thick smoke
  • Goblin fire, which cannot be put out and burns everything it comes in contact with

In the Second Battle of Liesse, Pickler's spitters shot specially-mixed "seedlings" which seemed to be a mix of sharpers and bright sticks, with the latter part burning for a full seventeen heart beats and thus causing burn damage beside the blinding effect.[2]


The production process of goblin munition is a closely guarded secret; it only takes place in the deepest tunnels of the Grey Eyries, and those involved "never see the light of day". According to Akua Sahelian, one of the primary ingredients in munitions is powdered devil, and she implies that the recipe for goblinfire includes demon.[3]


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