Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

The Gods Above, along with the Gods Below, created Creation. They Gods Above being associated with Good and giving powers to the Heroes of Calernia

For its soldiers, the Gods Above has a limited amount of Angels to combat the Gods Below's infinite amount Devils. An individual angel vastly outpower an individual devil and cannot truly die.


Unlike the much more personal worship of the Gods Below, the Gods Above have the House of Light. A human institution which spans most of Calernia and is devoted to the Gods Above. It should be noted that there are several different factions in Calernia and that these factions often disagree on matters regarding the Gods. This is reflected in the fact that most nations that worship the Gods Above usually have no problem in taking part in the same squabbles as Evil factions do even though they are all supposed to be united in theory. 


Unlike the Gods Below who generally don't grant prayers or powers cheaply, then the Gods Above are much more generous. Priest of the House of Light are able to wield Light even if some individuals or groups are more proficient in the skill than others and are seemingly granted more power than others.