Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

The Gods Below, along with the Gods Above, created Creation. They Gods Below being associated with Evil and giving powers to the Villains of Calernia

For its soldiers, the Gods Below has an infinite amount of Devils to combat the Gods Above Angels. Demons are also associated with the Gods Below but they are not actually of their making.


Unlike the Gods Above, the worship to the Gods Below is personal, not codified. How and when you want to pray is is not mandated by anyone. To get an answer to a prayer, you need to give up something of value. This could be the spilling of blood, be it your own or that of others.


It is unknown if all who are devote followers recive a similar reward, but named who have served the Gods Below well are offered a final gift as they die. This could be something as simple as an answer, to casting a great curse.