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The Golden Bloom is an elvish kingdom located in a large forest to the north of Callow. They are nominally aligned with Good however their strict isolationist policies lead them to be uninvolved in the conflict that takes place on Calernia.

General Information[]

The elves are ruled by the Forever King (a title, not a Name) and their society seems to be at least partially based on age.[1] The oldest of the elves are called Emerald Swords.[2]

They’re fanatically isolationist, to the point where they kill anyone - with the exception of Heroes - who comes near to the Golden Bloom.[3] Few elves have ever left their kingdom. Perhaps most notable of them would be Ranger’s mother who was said to teach Emerald Swords and was likely incredibly old.[4] The Emerald Swords are known to be occasionally sent out by the Forever King in an attempt to kill Ranger.


They arrived to Calernia prior to the Miezan invasion. We’re told they were exiled from their original continent by their more tolerant peers as they didn’t want to interact with humans or half-elves.[2]

They landed south of the Everdark and slaughtered most of the Deoraithe until they owned the forest that now makes the Golden Bloom. This event is still remembered by the Deoraithe and the Forest both, and the latter is responsible for the Elves’ lack of fertility. Indeed, Bard states that no elvish child has been born since they landed on Calernia.[2]

Their kingdom was phased out of Creation and into Arcadia twice throughout history. First, during the Calernian conquest of Dread Empress Triumphant and second, during Akua Sahelian’s rise to power and the event known as the Second Liesse.[5] They’re still outside of Creation as of the Battle of the Camps.[6]