Good is one of the two cosmic factions, the other being Evil. Named associated with Good are generally called "heroes".

Core Ideas Edit

Good is primarily focused on following rules, and supporting the community. This can lead to harmony and peace, but also to repression and defending the idea of a "community" even when doing so harms every member of that community more than allowing it to dissolve.

Good is not universal. While in theory Good factions are broadly on the same side and in practice will generally band together against an Evil force if it threatens all of them, they are by no means above taking part in the same petty squabbles that separate Evil factions tend to. Most exemplary of this are the elves. Though they are technically considered Good, they consider more or less everyone except heroes and other elves to be vermin and are perfectly willing to kill any who come close to their territory, even people who are also aligned with Good.

Despite the name, Good is not closely aligned with morality as it is understood outside of Creation. Not only do Good leaders squabble with each other, they are no more concerned than Evil at the prospect of torture, mass deception or expending the lives of vast numbers of their own followers in pursuit of their own personal ambitions. Malicia is known to have deliberately manipulated this tendency towards internal conflicts by keeping Procer at war with itself using the Pravus Bank. Good is, however, associated with the behavior and appearance of classic "heroes", generally fighting against superior forces with a ragtag band of misfits.

Granted Powers Edit

While heroes do not have the extended lifespans of villains, they have much greater access to healing and resurrection magic than their evil counterparts. In general, their power does not have the same tendency to cost something in exchange, instead being freely granted by the Heavens to allow heroes to do their dirty work.

Heroes tend to be more drama-oriented than villains. Where villains are at their most vulnerable when they act melodramatic, heroes tend to be at their most effective. Heroes also tend to look good no matter what; where a villain will suffer minor wounds and usually come out of a difficult fight looking bedraggled, any hero who isn't actually killed or wounded in dramatic fashion will generally suffer only minor clothing damage while still looking good.

Heroes tend to be at their best when backed into a corner, and are almost unstoppable when a villain is nearing the point of no return in their sinister plan. As such, they tend to pull off last-minute victories with great regularity, when the villain was winning the entire time until then.

Aligned Beings Edit

Main article: Angels

The primary beings associated with Good are Angels. Unlike Demons and Devils, there are actually a finite number of Angels. However, this means that an incredible amount of power is concentrated in each one, even more so than with Demons. For example, it was stated that if an Angel of Contrition were summoned for only a moment, it would be able to break the will of everyone within a 49 mile radius and force them to serve the Heavens even if it meant death.

On the other hand, Good has no equivalent of the weaker but easier to summon Demons and Devils that Evil has access to.

Nations Edit

There are many nations generally associated with Good. These include:

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