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"Warriors gave them a wide berth, as much out of respect for Bestowed as the stink that came from Idris’ rotting flesh."
―Barrow Sword

The Grave Binder is an Evil Name that hails from the Dominion of Levant.

The Name partakes in barrow-raiding, and as a consequence, stinks of living rot due to a barrow-curse. [1]

Due to the closeness of the Name with that of the Binder's Blood, there is harsh enmity from the Tanja family, who consider the Name a desecration. [2]


The Grave Binder wears a set of 'glittering bronze rings'. These rings are what thought the Grave Binder his learnings and through the use of the rings, the Grave Binder is able to sense Revanants.

Idris has commented that ever dying deepens the Grave Binder's hold over death, although the barrow had exacted a deep price for the rings that taught him his learning. [3]

While the Grave Binder is unable to destroy swaths of foes, he is a maker of curses and a necromancer. His mastery over death is not simple necromancy but a deeper power. The Grave Binder, alone of all the sorcerers of Calernia, could weave curses that affected even undead. This includes hiding a Band of Five from the sight of the undead as they sneak through the Dead King's army.

However, it is noted that the Grave Binder is unable to wrest control of the undead from the Dead King,

The Grave Binder's understanding of magic is at a level where he is able to craft a report analyzing Keter's Due. [4]

Known Holders[]

Idris: A signatory of the Truce & the Terms who took part in the war against the Dead King.