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Grem One-Eye is a Marshal of the Dread Empire of Praes ,the former chieftain of the Howling Wolves and one of the oldest friends and allies of Amadeus of the Green Stretch. He leads the first Legion, Invicta, and was garrisoned at the Red Flower vales.


Grem One-Eye held the tittle of chieftain of the Howling Wolves before joining the Amadeus, then known as the Squire, alongside Istrid of the Red Shields and Ranker of the Hungry Dog tribe. He here served as the chief strategist along side Amadeus.


Grem One-Eye rarely shows emotions, mostly choosing to remain cold and calculating. He has been shown to be very loyal to Amadeus and to the empire in general.


Looking much like a regular orc his age, Grem's most distinct feature is his famed one eye.