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"Magic to her right and a violent death match to her left: the Harrowed Witch had no intention of staying in the middle of this."
―Interlude: Reprobates

The Harrowed Witch is an Evil Name that hails from the Principate of Procer.


The Harrowed Witch came into her Name after murdering her brother, Julien, to evade the Dead King when he advanced into Procer. [1] As a side effect of killing her brother, the Harrowed Witch is now haunted by her brother, although his wraith is more of a nuisance than trouble. While Julien is unable to directly touch her, as his strength waxes and wanes, the wraith was capable of speaking to the Harrowed Witch, and sometimes even throw small objects. [2]


A mage, the Harrowed Witch is capable of using sorcery. Her talents lie in stealth sorcery as well as in calling up the dead. [3] Possessing many defensive magics, the Harrowed Witch is versed in casting illusion magic, relying on it to escape when necessary. She is also capable of defending against attacks by using her brother's wraith. In Hainut, the Harrowed Witch used Julien's wraith to defend against the Hawk's deadly arrows.

In the Arsenal, the Harrowed Witch has demonstrated the ability of calling back the spirit of a dead Named for questioning, although she is eventually forced to release his spirit. [4] Following a restless calling, the Harrowed Witch suffers from a pounding headache. To alleviate the pain, the Harrowed Witch has herbs which consumes. Alcohol also serves as an alternative to take the edge off, although it does not entirely removes the headache.

The Harrowed Witch has noted that her sorceries aren't effective on the Prince of Bones, only able to dent the Scourge when she puts in her full strength into her spell.

Known holders[]

Aspasie: A member of the Grand Alliance and a signatory of the Truce and the Terms, Aspasie is described as "brown-eyed, brown-haired and rather drab in both clothes and conversation", with "a slight hunch in her shoulders that never quite went away – like she was expecting someone to slap her hard in the back at any moment." [5] She is also described to be rather level-headed. [6]

The Harrowed Witch has a bad relationship with the Stained Sister, their mutual antagonism stemming from their disdain from each other's respective method of survival during the Dead King’s advance. [7]

Aspasie has a keen awareness of danger, and is focused on her survival. During a meeting of Villains, she actively plots potential escape plans in case a fight breaks out. [8]