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"The Headhunter’s a prick,” I conceded. “But they’re a prick with the finest tracking chops in the Grand Alliance."
―Catherine Foundling

The Headhunter is an Evil Name. The Name is first introduced in Book 6. [1]


The Headhunter posses a high degree of skill in tracking. Among the Named who took part in the War against Keter, they are considered the finest tracker. [2]

This may be in part due to the Headhunter's aspect Mark. [3]

A Mark is capable of being placed and mainted on multiple targets. After a target is Marked, the Headhunter is able to sense their presence within a certain range. The range of this ability is guessed to be at least several miles. [4]

By claiming the heads of people, the Headhunter is capable of channeling their power, albeit a weaker imitation of the original. [5]

Catherine Foundling notes the way which the Headhunter collects heads results in Catherine being unable to steal Aspects from a body. [6]

The Headhunter has demonstrated sufficient combat ability to single-handedly hold against a gate spewing undead when Hainut was sieged by the Dead King. [7]

While fighting, the Headhunter has been seen using knives and axes. [8][9]

Known Holders[]

Saidi: They are described as wearing cuirass and cloth, with knotted brown hair freed from an ornate spiked helmet and three leathery heads hanging from their belt. [10] When the villain smiles, they have crooked but white teeth. [11]

Their face paint consists of brown lines sliding down the edge of their hair. As the Headhunter is gender fluid, the shape of their face paint indicates the Headhunter's current gender. [12]

Saidi managed to survive through the War against the Dead King, although they did not adapt well to the new Levant that emerged after the war and went into the Brocelian forest.