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"Wizard. It’s a genderless noun."

The Hedge Wizard is a magic centered name that excels in versatility.


The Hedge Wizard's Role is centered on having the right trick to escape or overcome their current situation similar to the Bumbling Conjurer. The two roles differ in that one is centered on comedy while the other is centered on the skill. Warlock comments on how the mage is purposely made "brittle" in order to trigger events where she must Macgyver her way to freedom. The more danger the Hedge Wizards experiences the greater power she can exert. This allows for her to always be an underdog in stories which for heroes is a form of invulnerability.


The wizard's abilities are highly adaptable. While not particularly skilled in the use of destructive or defensive magic, the wizards wide range of skills as well as unique use of them in combinations make them an imposing force. These skills range from transformation, infiltration, enchanted items, as well as destruction magic.

Known Users[]

Alkmene: A member of Hanno's Band of Five. As the Hedge Wizard, her Aspects were: Learn, Repurpose and Reiterate.

Killed by the Warlock.