"Helike, Tyrants did not fail. Not without betrayal or half the world set against them. They would follow the little madman into the fray without hesitation or doubt."- Prologue

Helike a member of the League of Free Cities


The culture of Helike is deeply tied with Tyrant name in much the same way that Praes has had a slew of Emperors, Helike has had series of both kings and Tyrants who were equally hailed for their actions. Due to influence of the House of light though Evil names (Tyrant, Hierarch) are equally possible as Good names (Page, Prince)

Policy Edit

The Helike Kingdom existed in harmony with other nations paying head to border treaties for 50 years. In times of peace following a classic monarchy government with rulers being succeeded by their heirs, it is quite common for individuals to stage coups for power. Helike is infamous for the military Tyrant name. Once the name is taken the military as well as all subjects bend to the whims of the ruler with unshaken allegiance. The nation does not discriminate between a person's gender or their choice of gender as evident of General Basilia, the pursuit of military power and devotion to the Tyrant.

Military Edit

Despite boasting one of the greatest militaries of other nation its armies are impeded or empowered based on their rulers. It seems militarily Helike would not back any major campaigns unless backed by the Tyrant name. Victory is assured as long as the name wielder is at the helm of battle. Thus ordinary kings that assume power are willing to compromise to the demands of other nations until the time.

Notable Figures Edit

Past Tyrants

General Basilia


Exiled Prince



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