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“Under pale moon,

Across the snow
As the dead croon
And flies the crow
Did we not lose,
A hundred times?
Did we not win,
A hundred times?
Our iron wrought,
Saw use earnest
It rusted not
Left unburnished
Did we not lose,
A hundred times?
Did we not win,
A hundred times?

We came and went,
Unconquered few
We Tyrant’s get,
The tried and true
Did we not lose,
A hundred times?
Did we not win,
A hundred times?
Weep not for us,
For in the annals
Our stele reads thus:
A hundred battles
For we did lose,
A hundred times
And we will win,
A hundred times
‘till falls the age,

And end the times!”

– “Dead In A Hundred Battles”, Helikean soldier’s song

Helike is a a city state and a member of the League of Free Cities. It is currently under the control of General Basilia.

History and Culture[]

Theodosius the Unconquered consolidated control over the army of Helike and became the first Tyrant of Helike. Under Theodosius, Helike conquered most of southern Procer, until his defeat on the Maddened Fields at the hands of General Isabella the Mad.

Helike changes alignment between Good and Evil depending on the ruler.


It boasts one of the most well trained armies on Calernia. The kataphractoi of Helike, horseback archers, are regarded as one of the best troops in Calernia. The army is unflinchingly loyal to the Tyrant, whenever the Name comes around.

Notable Figures[]

King Kairos Theodosian the Unbroken, the Tyrant. The last of the line of Theodosius.

General Basilia

General Pallas Messene

Rhodon Kabasilas, the Royal Conjurer

King Theodosius the Unconquered, the first Tyrant of Helike

Dorian Theodosian, the Exiled Prince, the nephew of Kairos Theodosian

Semia, the Page

King Amyntas Theodosian, the father of Kairos Theodosian

Nicanor Theodosian, the brother of Kairos Theodosian and father of Dorian Theodosian

King Periander Theodosian, the Tyrant of Helike during the founding of the Free Cities

Argea Theodosian, the Sacker of Cities, the Tyrant