Here They Come Again is an old Callowan song.

History Edit

The song was almost a national anthem for Callow before the Conquest. After the conquest it was not sung openly, but was likely taught to the younger generations by everyone who still held Callowan nationalist sentiments and resented the Tower's rule.

It was sung by the Gallowborne immediately before first contact with the devil host during the Battle of Marchford.

Lyrics Edit

The knights will get the glory,
The king will keep his throne.
We won’t be in the story,
Our names will not be known.

So pick up your sword, boy,
Here they come again.
And down here in the mud,
It’s us who holds the line.

The Princes take the Vales,
The Tyrant is at the Gate.
Our crops wither and fail,
The enemy’s host is great.


Man the walls, bare the steel,
Hoist the banner, raise the shield.
A free man’s death they cannot steal,
When we meet them on the field.


The last line of the last chorus is shouted louder than the rest.

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