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The Hierarch of the Free Cities is a diplomacy-oriented Name given to whoever leads the League of Free Cities. It's current holder, Anaxares of Bellerophan, had the Name forced upon him by the Tyrant as part of a currently unknown scheme.

He is also only the second person to ever hold the title, the first having been assassinated within months of taking power.


The role of the Hierarch is to offer stability. As the diplomat Anaxeres was exposed to the Tyrant of Hellike and his war, he gained a name that allows him to work in the opposite direction. Anaxeres, in his previous position as a diplomat for a democratic country, was well suited to unite the free cities at a time when their united strength was needed. Thus, the Hierarch has power to mend and unify countries.


The main powers of this name are to manipulate other with words as well as slight precognitive abilities such as the Augur while also having similarities to the Bard's ability to home in on individuals that are critical to creation.

Known Holders[]

Prokopia Lekapene: She was the first Hierarch of the Free Cities.

“A treaty is fooling all the people at the right time, an alliance is fooling the right people all the time. A war is when all the people are fools all the time.” [1]

Diplomacy is the art of selling a deal you don’t want to people you don’t trust for reasons you won’t admit to.” [2]

“We make the shepherds kings at the end of our stories because they already know how to lead recalcitrant, bleating creatures of limited intellect.” [3]

Anaxeres: He received the name after he was appointed it by the Tyrant of Helike. Although he adamantly refused to take joy or any part of the Tyrant's decisions, it was his adamant refusal that gave him more weight in Creation; he was seen as the one force that was not intimidated by the tyrant or viewed him as a threat. He was more afraid of the imbalance of power, and thus his diplomatic desire caused him to develop a name to fix what the Tyrant imbalanced.

As the Hiearch, Anaxeres demonstrated three Aspects: Mend, Receive, and Indict.