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"No no no. Not that. Not anymore. Hierophant. Usher of mysteries. Vivisector of miracles."

Described as an "Usher of mysteries. Vivisector of miracles", the Hierophant is a mage Name currently held by the former Apprentice, Masego. The Name is unprecedented, before Masego's tranistion.


Hierophants are a type of priest. Specifically, "interpreter[s] of sacred mysteries and arcane principles"

The Hierophant is also the fifth 'Major Arcana' or trump card in traditional tarot decks. The connection with the Major Arcana of Calernia is obvious, and implicates the Name's affinity for magic.


Mechanically, the Hierophant seem to gain greater magical abilities -shown by Masego's increased magical might and skill- as well as confer augmented mystical insight or vision. Masego was directly complimented on this trait by The Prince of Nightfall after his transition, “You have good eyes, for one of your kind,”

Masego as Hierophant held the aspects of Wrest, Witness and Ruin

Known Holders[]

Masego: Masego transitioned from the Apprentice to the Hierophant after witness the miracle that was the Arcadian sun being called down by the Princess of High Noon. [1]