The High Lords are the foremost nobles of the Dread Empire of Praes. It is the highest rank of nobility under the Emperor and all High Lords are highly influential. A High Lord typically rules over at least one of the great cities of Praes. There are seven of them in all. At the start of the story, three of them back Malicia, the other three are aligned with the Truebloods.

List of known High Lords[edit | edit source]

  1. High Lady of Wolof:Tasia Sahelian, later replaced by High Lord Sargon Sahelian of Wolof.
  2. High Lady of Aksum: Abreha Mirembe
  3. High Lord of Thalassina: Idriss Kebdana
  4. High Lady of Foramen: Amina Banu, later replaced by High Lady Wither.
  5. High Lady of Kahtan: Takisha
  6. High Lord of Nok: Dakarai
  7. High Lord of Okoro
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