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"Oh, you poor dumb bastard. Which Court is it that you sold your name to?"
―Catherine Foundling

A villainous mage Name.


The Hunted Magician is pursued by the Fae of the Autumn Court, due to his bargain to sell his name to the Prince of Falling Leaves for ancient knowledge. [1]

Although it is the Autumn Court that lay claim to the Hunted Magician's debt, the debt can be pulled at by more than the true debtor. In particular, Catherine Foundling, found that she could order him to kneel and he would, due to her stint as the Duchess of Moonless Nights.


The Named has demonstrated the ability to cast illusions, such as the one laid on the Red Axe and the Kingfisher Prince,[2] and weave enchantments, such as ones used to create a holographic meeting room.[3]

The Hunted Magician is also able to use Maviii runes, that Masego is unable to figure out. [4]

Due to the nature of his debt, the Hunted Magician is also intimately familiar with the Autumn Court, providing expertise to complete the Quartered Seasons project.

Known Holders[]

Unnamed man: A member of the Grand Alliance and sigantory of the Truce and Terms. The Hunted Magician is described as "nearing or past thirty, well-dressed in fine robes but leaning towards the practical". Good-looking and well-groomed, the stubble on his face sculpted, dark of hair with eyes straddling the line between grey and blue.

Complaints against the Hunted Magician include him being cryptic, distrustful and generally unpleasant. a result of living in a world where there might be an enemy hidden behind any smiling face, with forced servitude as the consequence of making even a single mistake.