Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

A play on the rise of Dread Empress Triumphant. The author is unknown. It was banned by decree of the Tower under Terribilis II. Its extract can be found in 36 - Madman:

“you call me villain
cast the word as you
would a stone;
seek to bury under
scorn of herded
multitude, and yet
forget my Name:

I am empress
most dread,
savage ruler of
yet fiercer race;
did you expect
meekness of me?

you call me villain
speak it a curse
as if Hells were
grasping instead
of grasped;
as if I had knelt.

you dare?
I am tyrant,
bringer of calamity;
crowned and
crowning glory
of mine empire

be fearful now
tremble; for
my reach is long
my wrath is great
patient but
above or below

and I will be