Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia


A large man he is never without armor always ready for a battle with chainmail. He does not wear helmet believing the heavens will provide that for him.


Amelia: Amelia also known as the Gallant Brigand, lead Iason along with Lergo to infiltrate Callow to dispatch the Black Queen. Despite their holy purpose he harbors a deep affection for the woman. Although he does not find her methods becoming of a hero for good he makes exceptions as they have a mission to dispatch a force of greater evil.

Lergo: Lergo, also known as the Red Mage, was the mage of the party. Iason did not find him appealing, especially his taste in clothes, his heritage, and especially his advances toward Amelia.

Catherine Foundling: Lergo believed she represents everything wrong with Callow. A brief conversation with the public revealed as much. Despite her offer of peace, Iason was unable to trust a being who has sent so many to their grave. He regards her as an extension of Praes and her "rule" has only poisoned the populace further. He hoped to free the people by eradicate the source at the root.


The Paladin's name prevents him from being anything less than hardworking, honest, and loyal thus he is uncomfortable in matters of infiltration or dishonesty. Despite these good values since Iason has not taken a vow of pacifism lik most followers f the house of light such as priest have taken he is able to fight injustice with sword in hand.


The Stalwart Paladin is trained in the use of sword and shield. His armor provides him decent protection and his nature promotes his hardy nature. He acts as a shield to his companions providing cover for them taking the brunt of damage. He is also able to heal wounds although not to the degree of a miracle or an aspect. The Paladin is also touched by heaven receiving a permanent shield from being scried by magical means.

His aspects are Arm, Smite, and Discern

Arm- The Paladin summons holy armaments. This covers him in plate armor composed of light as well as a sword composed of holy light. The armaments can only be called upon once a day thus they cannot reform once broken. Event though the aspect is strong the Paladin still wears chainmail underneath should they break.

Smite- An area of effect aspect. A seven foot heptagon area is wreathed in light. The aspect does not have the offensive power of other striking aspects but it does cover a wide area allowing the paladin to deal with groups of enemies while his allies cover his weaknesses. The aspect is limited to being called upon three times a day.

Discern- Vision that allows him to tell truth from lies as well as predict enemy movements.