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Indrani is a dark ochre skinned warrior with delicate features, hazel eyes, and very healthy curves. She usually wears a fine white chain-mail, splitting in a skirt, a long leather coat with a hood, and a dark green scarf that covers the lower half of her face if not among friends or relaxing and next to never fully removes.


A light, comedic individual. Indrani always looks for an exciting event or a way to extract as much fun out of a bleak situation. She follows her desires; a lesson she learned from Hye Su, the current Ranger. This pursuit of enjoyment stems from her previous servitude to high lords, where she could be murdered at any moment. She was imprisoned not just physically but also mentally. Thus when Hye Su freed her she was given a new lease on life and vowed to always seek out her own desires rather than someone else's, even if it involves leaving the Woe. She is a poly-amorous individual seeking out any who interest her. She has shown a special affection towards Masego giving him nicknames and playing practical jokes on the mage.


Indrani was born a slave in Mercantis, where she was highly valued for being "exotic". She was borrowed to serve at a closed circle auction because of this, where she met Hye Su. She was 9 years old when this occurred.[1]

Indrani presumably then travelled with Hye Su to Refuge where she was trained by her, becoming one of her most skilled pupils and gaining the name of Archer.

She was given a mission to take charge of Hunter after he was captured and held by Warlock. She met Adjutant and Hakram at Marchford, and took Hunter into her custody. She participated in the battle of Marchford, providing support to Catherine, Hakram, Hunter and Masego against the Demon of Corruption.[2]

After the battle Indrani was allowed by Ranger to accompany Catherine to deal with the Fae incursions, sent as a Fae expert from Refuge that Catherine requested. She teamed up with Masego to kidnap a Fae using her aspects to scout and dispatch enemies.

After facing the Queen of Summer, Indrani along with Masego, Hakram, Catherine, and Vivienne were dubbed The Woe by Ranger. She joined Catherine in several more battles, enjoying slaying the vast amount of enemies that the Woe fought against, be they demon, human, fae, or hero. Despite this enjoyment, she has let Catherine know that she will not always be present, explaining that she will eventually go on her own adventures to experience all that Creation has in store.


Indrani uses an absurdly large enchanted Lycaonese longbow older than the Principate of Procer. Made by the Peerless Artisan, it was made from a material with inherent sorcerous properties, allowing its enchantment to never fade. It has so much tension in the string that when Nauk, the physically strongest orc Catherine had met, tried to pull the string back, he was unable to get it to budge an inch and nearly broke his arm doing so. Catherine estimates that it was worth two palaces in southern Procer.

Paired with her bow is a quiver, which she wears on her back. Filled with arrows closer in size and thickness to javelins, they are made from materials with inherent sorcerous properties, allowing them to slide through most wards as though they were not there. They are also stocked with mundane arrows and enchanted ones with various properties, such as being fireproof or exploding into lightning. She also has special arrows, such as some able to detonate into Goblinfire or dull iron ones for killing Fae. Her arrows are mentioned to be valuable and Archer always try retrieve them after a fight.

Archer's scarf is another one of her most treasured possessions. Stolen from her old slaveowner, it was the very first thing she owned, a gift from Ranger.

When not using her bow, she'll resort to a pair of twin longknives, though she has a supply of other knives available.

Special Abilities:[]

Archer is a martial themed name that specializes in the use of bows and arrows. She is an extremely skilled marksman, capable of hitting moving targets accurately from miles away. Her skill was such that she could hide a second arrow in the curve of the first, or even redirect her opponents' arrows to strike other targets by shooting it with an arrow of her own. She is also familiar with other projectile weapons, such as crossbows, being able to deduce power and bolt size of the weapon used based on a wound in a corpse.

Indrani was personally trained by Ranger and was mentioned to be the strongest of her five pupils. As a result of her training under the best swordsman in Calernia, she is skilled in using multiple weapons, and not just archery. When not using her bow, Indrani prefers dual wielding longknives, that she employs in combat using her quick strikes and flexibility to strike at a foe's weak points. In addition to her longknives, Archer has been observed using various other knives and blades. Her skill with the blade was such that she was able to fight the Saint of Swords in close combat and survive.

Even without her weapons she has shown proficiency in hand to hand combat, besting both Squire and Adjutant in close-ranged combat using quick strikes and redirection to overcome her foes. As a result of the necessity of drawing back an absurdly tense and powerful bowstring, her Name grants her great physical strength. Her raw strength was so much that even a Villain as strong as Hakram was unable to overpower her.

Her other skills include her senses, which were mentioned to rival that of the Sovereign of Moonless Nights, a Fae Queen with supernatural senses, even by Named standards. She could see in the permanent darkness of the Everdark perfectly fine and has demonstrated a great sense of smell. She was also able to sense cracks between Creation and Twilight, allowing her to pioneer sidling, the ability move between the two without need for gates, and possessed skill in the art unmatched by all other Named save perhaps the Grey Pilgrim.

Indrani is also shown to practise carving with her knives. Though her initial works were mentioned to be shoddy, they have improved over the years, and by Book 6 she was shown to be a skilled carver, capable of making beautiful carvings of scenes and even a good figure of Catherine Foundling.

Archer is also skilled at mountaineering, cooking, wilderness survival, tracking and stealth. Under Ranger, she was given a comprehensive education in sorcery, abstract mathematics and languages, capable of speaking Tradertalk, Lower Miezan, Chantant and Kharsum. She also has some skill in leadership, capably leading a Band of Five comprising of herself, the Vagrant Spear, the Harrowed Witch, the Fallen Monk and the Forlorn Paladin.

Her aspects are:

See: Allows her to see enemies from long range affording her the ability to snipe them from afar as well as to scout out these enemies if she chooses to just observe enemy movements. Archer has been observed using this Aspect to bag kills over entire miles. Catherine mentions that See does not boost her archery, instead allowing her to gain elven eyesight and foresight rivalling that of Ranger.

Flow: An ability that allows Archer to gain great skill and timing for a temporary period of time. Catherine mentions that Black, Ranger, the Saint and the Spellblade were more skilled than her, but Flow allowed her to approach their levels of combat prowess. When used with her bow, Indraine becomes capable of firing a continuous stream of arrows at her opponent, capably hitting them accurately even as they rushed at her. When used with her longknives, she gains skill rivalling her own natural prowess at archery and becomes capable of producing an uninterrupted stream of attacks each blow followed by another.

Indrani describes it as: 'The Flow that went beyond what earthly hands could master, hers to borrow for the shortest of whiles. Sometimes she wondered if that was what it felt like, to be the Lady. When everything fit perfectly, and you could place yourself within the parts of the world exactly the way you wanted.'

Stride: Allows her to travel great distances at speed and without fatigue, and find her way anywhere without becoming lost.