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Hails from the Free Cities and is Alkmene's sister.


She has joined the White Knight along with the other band of heroes to overturn the Tyrants attack on Delos.

She has a close relationship with her sister Alkmene.

She is commonly paired with the Valiant Champion, the champion guards her while she supports the more battle oriented Name.  

Appearance []

She is tall and slender with an aggressively serene expression. Hailing from the Free cities, Irene has tanned skin, short dark hair and hickory-toned eyes that's common in the Free Cities. When using too much power, her eyes will turn grey.

Irene wears a coat of miracles-enchanted silvery mail covering a padded tunic.

Powers []

Besides the name her power as a priestess allows her to 'cheat' instead of relying on mana capacity as well as different spells her power is reliant on divine favor from the gods. This allows her to do many things that even her mage sister is incapable of. For instance she can bypass and erase the runes of a ward without even viewing the spell. She also capable of healing mass number of individuals with a touch. For extremely difficult task though she must remain immobile and thus is vulnerable even to the average soldier as her soul vacates her body.

Her name allows her to use ash, she can use it so shape defensive barriers or as a spear to attack large objects. She can also sense enemy movement from surrounding ash. The name also bolsters her healing abilities to the utmost efficiency. It is common knowledge that healers are limited by the ammount of mana an individual can absorb into their skin. The priestess was able to heal the Champion's mangled body multiple times though indicating she might be able to ignore this rule.

Her three aspects are: Ignite, Heal and Begone

Ignite: She can ignite the ash surrounding her and shape them into attacks.

Heal: Can heal on either a large scale or a singular figure multiple times. It is easy to keep this aspect going, but difficult to make it stop.

Begone: Allows her to erase her enemies from Creation. Takes a long time to activate and use, hence it is not very useful in combat.