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John, also known as Tinkles, was a Hero that worked alongside William of Greenbury in an attempt to free Callow. He held the name of Hunter.


John is a student of the Lady of the Lake, having trained under her while in Refuge. He was born to drapiers in the merchant quarter of the Vale.

Personality []

John is a courageous and confident individual. He is proud of his appearance.

He believed in William's cause, and wanted to free Callow, despite the Lady warning him not to get involved.

Relationships []

In William's band of five, John is not shown to be particularly close to any of the members, though he is described as William's right hand man.

Despite breaking her rules, John holds the Lady of the Lake in high regard.

Appearance []

He wears tight leather pants and a small leather vest, showing off both his pectorals and tribal tattoos, causing other characters to repeatedly comment on his lack of clothing, or as in Robber's case, refer to him as a "streetwalker with a spear". Hunter also has a large assortment of silver bells that hang from his hair, leading to Indrani referring to him as Tinkles. [1] [2]

Powers []

John is skilled in the use of spears, carrying a half dozen. When he had two hands, he would wield two simultaneously.

While Indrani says John is the weakest of Ranger's students, he is still a proficient fighter, capable of fighting against the Squire and a Demon Of Corruption.

He is able to coat his spears in Light, allowing him to protect against demons. The Light can also be used to burn away Corruption.