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Juniper comes from what amounts as orc royalty. Her mother, Istrid of the Red Shields, was one of the few orcish generals that supported the Black Knights revolt against the Tower, consolidating her as a name meant for respect. Her father Oguz Sharphand, although overshadowed by her mother, is no less respected, being the one who gave Grem One-Eye his name.[1] Still Juniper does not like to hold onto to the coattails of her mother, instead choosing to make her own name. In the early parts of Book 1 she is referred to as being a part of the Red Moon Clan, not the Red Shield Clan.


Cold, calculating and ambitious, she is driven to eclipse her mother in greatness. Although she is seen as a strict officer, who abides by legion regulations, at times in the heat of battle or the rare moment when she becomes drunk, she can be seen with the swearing or drooling from her mouth watching her legion slaughter the enemy. She is proud that she is able to participate in the ensuing battles, she welcomes the wars to come.


A tall orcish woman who is muscular, similar to her mother. She is at least two feet taller than Catherine by Book 3 and one of the tallest orcs Cat has meet.


Although Juniper is particularly large and foreboding stature, it is her tactical mind that makes her most dangerous. An excellent tactician, she like Catherine, is also connected to high ranking generals in the Praes army, General Istrid being her mother and has known general Sakker since childhood, calling her "granny Sak". Still despite these connection she is well known for her ability to govern her troops, using tactics of old and new. Her study of military formation has allowed her to take the best military tactics of the old conquest, Callowan Calvary, as well as new strategies that she devises with Named in mind.


Callow’s Plan[]

“What Foundling does isn’t thinking outside the box so much as stealing the box and hitting her opponents with it until they stop moving.”

– Extract from “A Commentary on the Uncivil Wars”,  by Juniper of the Red Moon Clan [2]

Interlude: Commanders[]

“When historians try to pin down Foundling’s methods they point to the Battle of the Camps or the Princes’ Graveyard, but those came later. After she’d learned her trade.  If you want to understand how she operated, look to the Battle of Four Armies and One – from the beginning to the end, she was playing an entirely different game from every other commander on the field.”

– Extract from “A Commentary on the Uncivil Wars”, by Juniper of the Red Shields [3]