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Originally a member of the war college she was enrolled in rat company the lowest squadron out of all the other companies. After the recruitment of Catherine and subsequent victories she enlisted in the Fifteenth Legion where she became a mage.

Personality []

Strong and resilient despite much adversity Kilian has persevered. She can either be playful with her firends enjoying fun and games or serious in the heat of battle. She is willing to risk whatever she can as long as it benefits her friends.

Relationships []

She is an elite mage in the Fifteenth Legion of terror and is trusted by the inner circle of Nauk, Robber, Juniper, Aisha, Hakram and Ratface.

She is Catherine Foundlings lover. Their relationship was originally only known to the inner circle but after the battle of Marchford Catherine openly showed kissed Kilian riding with her on top of her horse.

She does not have any close family but she is ostracized because of her 1/4 elf blood she inherited from a grandmother.


She is a pixy haired red head. Catherine has remarked on her curves that show despite her mage armor.


Due to her 1/4 of Fae blood Kilian is able to cast more concentrated spells that also have greater accuracy. Her blood also hinders her from digging to deep in her magic since she will begin growing fae wings on her back. This can leave her in comatose state for days and the transformation itself is painful. Despite her lack of magical reserves she makes up for it by using her knowledge of magic as well as troop formation to capitalize on enemy weaknesses. She frequently converses with Masego about magic theories and has developed even further despite her handicap. She has passed on her knowledge of magic to Catherine expanding the leaders knowledge.