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The Kingship of Sephirah was an ancient nation located where the Kingdom of the Dead is now. It consisted of at least 12 great walled cities, which where conquered by Nasseh the Great. Its capital was Keter. The dominant language was Ashkaran.

It was a monarchy in which the selected successor of the current king and the king would rule together to facilitate an easy succession. Women and men were allowed to rule. The political cohesion of the country was low. While the royal army would fight to defend the country, the armed forces of the great cities stuck to their own spheres of influence and did not work together with each other or the royal army effectively.

It had a hostile relationship with the rat-men and fought multiple wars against them. The Intercessor was involved in at least one of the wars at the time of the reign of Queen Sadassa.

It was invaded by the People of the Wolf while Neshamah was still a young man. At least some of the great cities fell before Neshamah commenced his great ritual in Keter.