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"The world was always ending, one piece at a time. There was always a doom over the horizon, taking its first newborn steps even as you buried the last.
'Behind us is spring,' the Iron Prince said. 'Ahead of us is the Enemy. You are Lycaonese, so what more is there to say?'
―Klaus Papenheim[1]

Klaus Papenheim, Prince of Hannoven and First Prince of Procer Cordelia Hasenbach's uncle.


Prince of Hannoven and Lycaonese to the bone. Klaus lost his deeply loved wife before they could have children, and never remarried. Instead he placed all his love on his niece Cordelia Hasenbach, whom he also made heir presumptive to Hannoven on top of her already being Prince of Rhenia. After Cordelia had lost both her parents at a very young age, Klaus served as her stand in regent for a year, before Cordelia came of age. [2] [3]

One of the greatest military minds that Calernia has to offer, Klaus helped his niece Cordelia Hasenbach to become First Prince, ending the long Proceran Civil war over the title in the process.

Rumored to have had relations with Laurence De Montfort , the Saint of Swords.


Prince Klaus Papenheim of Hannoven is a grizzled old soldier with vivid blue eyes. [4]

During the fall of Hainaut Klaus lost an arm. Not that this stopped him still leading armies with a sword in hand. [5]



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