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The Knight Errant is a martial centered Name.


Aubrey Caen as the Knight Errant demonstrated swordmanship that surpassed Catherine Foundling's level. [1]

As the Knight Errant, Arthur Foundling was able to fend off Assassin while working together with the Black Knight.[2] He also manifested the aspect Wound during his fight against a drakon.

Known Holders[]

Aubrey Caen: Introduced as a Revenant, Aubrey Caen was dresed in impeccable knight’s armour, with faded heraldic swans of House Caen on her shield. Despite being dead for a length of time, she was described as having blond locks on a beautiful face.

Wielding a longsword and a shield, Aubrey possesed a sense of chivalry, offering Catherine a longsword after Catherine was disarmed. [3]

Arthur Foundling: Arthur's transition from Squire to Knight Errant occured when his will and belief in what is right and wrong crystalized after rejecting the binary worldview of good and evil. [4]

Unamed Knight Errant: This Knight Errant lived during Dread Emperor Irritant's era. [5]