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Larat is one of the Fae, formerly the Prince of Nightfall of the Winter Court of Arcadia Resplendent, and former member of the Wild Hunt. In Book 5, Larat temporarily became to first King of Twilight. He is known to be capable in combat, being able to fight Princes and Princesses of the Summer Court.


Larat is pale, raven-haired, clean-shaven, and has thin red lips.[1] On his first appearance, Larat wears a dark tunic with buttons of shade, with a long sheathless sword at his side.[1] One of his more notable features is his missing eye, which is covered by a black silk cloth with silver writing on it.[1] His missing eye is a result of Hye's continued use of it as jewelry.[1] He is also seen riding a horse that appears to be made of dark wood polished to the point of looking like granite.[1]