Appearance[edit | edit source]

She is old and short. She wears robes instead of armor. and carries a sheath at her hip which is usually occupied by a sword. She is also heavily scarred from years of fighting.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is an extremist believing in absolute good. A warrior of the heaven's first at one point she had pity, happiness, and hope. The Saint after many battles has become jaded or in her opinion sharper. She believes in absolutes and is always willing to make a sacrifice if it means good winning and evil loosing. She views her life as meaningless in comparison to the greater good of creation. She is willing to not only put her life on the line but the life of every man, woman, and child.

Background[edit | edit source]

Little is known about her early background, but the current Saint of Swords is a Proceran woman, in her late sixties (as of the beginning of the Crusade). Laurence initially gained visibility by killing the Salutary Alchemist, though she was under a transitional Name at the time. She also killed the Alchemist's patron prince (and serum-addicted puppet) for good measure, earning her the nickname Regicide.

She continued dispatching villains around kingdoms, gaining more renown with each head she lopped off. Eventually she dueled Ranger and was wounded. After healing she decided to train in seclusion, forging her soul into a domain. Her training paid off and she became known as the Smiling Iron among other names. her deeds were praised by other heroes, garnering her respect even among royalty.

She decided to join the Grey Pilgrim in the Crusade against Praes and their puppet the Black Queen. After it was revealed that the Dead King was launching an attack on Procer, the Saint relished the moment, sensing that a band of five with her among them would rise up to finally staunch that evil as well. She also believed that while the war would leave tens of thousands dead and the Principate in ruins, Procer would rise again from the ashes, stronger and purged of corruption.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The Saint does not seem to hold many individuals close. She herself has committed herself fully to dispatching enemies of the heavens, no matter who they are. This has lead her to kill powerful evil forces as well as former comrades. Still she has no problem fighting alongside other heroes, and is humble enough to admit that given time they will also eclipse her own power.

Tariq- Her closes companion or at least the individual who has stood with her the longest. She respects his judgement only needing a word to stave of her brutal nature. This is most likely because she understands that he like her has made harsh sacrifices to ensure the greater good.

Hye- It is not known why the two women dueled but it is assumed that ranger wanted to test out yet another powerful foe and the Saint saw this as the perfect chance to swat down yet another prideful villain. The results was the Saint lying bloodied on the floor her stomach painting the ground. The Ranger spared her either seeing no point in dispatching her or seeing a future rival that could amuse her. Regardless this defeat was integral to the Saint providing her an aspect as Ranger walked away. It also seems to be the reason she trained in seclusion for a very long time.

Isodorios: A companion who held the name Drake Knight. Although a hero he eventually succumbed to the dragon blood coursing through his veins which caused him to go mad. The Saint mentions him once but he is considered one of her regrets that can never be healed.

Special Abilities [edit | edit source]

The Saint is extremely powerful, able to trade full-strength blows with Catherine's Winter form without great effort. Her skill with the sword is unparalleled, second only to the Ranger. She is capable of hardening her willpower to the extent that she can cut with it. Despite her nature as a brawler she understands the mechanics of the universe, she feels the pull of creation and has become accustomed to it's whims

Her three aspects are:

  • Sever: With this aspect, she can cut through anything, material or immaterial. She can even "cut through the sky" and then use the cuts as platforms, or wield the cuts themselves as physical weapons. It was also able to cut through Catherine's domain, permanently weakening her and temporally rendering the immortal Sovereign of Moonless Nights mortal. The Saint has also used this ability to cut out the very soul of an individual. It has been used to remove the Black Knight's soul as well as cutting aspects beyond repair from the Spellblade. She does not need a physical sword to use this aspect. It is believed that this aspect is one of the few things that can permanently kill the Dead King.
  • Listen: Listening to the music of Creation lets her track opponents around her, even if they would normally be invisible. It also lets her sense at least some magical phenomena around her, and verify whether an opponent has actually died.
  • Decree: The Saint has a domain-like ability to impose a particular statement on Creation as though it were a physical law. Her chosen Decree is "Laurence de Montfort is a sword," and invoking it grants her all the powers and protections enjoyed by a steel blade, such as immunity to poison and ability to cut with a touch.

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